Tri-County Guide to Lake Anna Homes

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If you’re looking for a serene and beautiful place to call home, Lake Anna may be the perfect spot. Surrounded by three counties in Virginia – Louisa, Spotsylvania, and Orange – Lake Anna offers something for everyone. From fishing and swimming to boating and hiking, there’s plenty to do in this natural paradise…

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Lifestyle Segments surrounding Lake Anna
What is the Tri-County Lake Anna area really like?
Major Employers surrounding Lake Anna
Local Hangouts at Lake Anna
Shopping & Restaurants at Lake Anna
Events and Things to Do at Lake Anna
Places of Worship

Lake Anna isn’t just waterfront, the surrounding counties make up 1,879 square miles, and include multiple towns as well as a variety of subdivisions and neighborhoods.

Things like property tax, county amenities… and even water access make a huge difference in home and land purchasing decisions… but first, let’s take a deep dive into the makeup of Lake Anna residents, and what the neighborhood landscapes are like for each county…

Top 3 Lifestyle Segments Surrounding Lake Anna

We surveyed the three counties surrounding Lake Anna, including Orange, Spotsylvania and Louisa, to find out what makes our residents tick! What kind of lifestyles do our neighbors lead? Do they have kids? Are they retired?

Demographics and lifestyle data of each county zipcode were researched using tools from Claritas Pop-Facts® Demographics 2021, and the most popular demographics were reported here for you. The numbers aren’t perfect, and of course, they cover the entire area – not just the subdivisions around Lake Anna.

Here’s what we found out…

#1 Mid to Upscale families with or without kids

Middle to upper-income families ages 35-54 makes up a large demographic portion of the tri-county area. Our neighbors are rural homeowners with anything from high school to college degrees who work at a variety of employment levels, some being in management. The number of families with children is mixed, some do and some don’t. What they have most in common is that they all love to hunt and drive pickup trucks.

#2 Upscale boomers without Kids

Ages 55 and up, our retired rural neighbors have masters or doctorate degrees. They enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel, shopping at Pier 1 Imports, listening to CBS news, and using a satellite internet connection. Unlike our mixed families, they like driving Subaru.

#3 Midscale boomers without Kids

Ages 55 and up, rural homeowners with some college and mixed employment levels. They may enjoy eating at Hardee’s, shopping at Dillard’s, going hunting, and watching NASCAR.

What are the unifying threads for all three counties? Trucks and hunting…

With the exception of our Subaru lovers, a large portion of our tri-county area loves driving RAM and GMC trucks. And it’s not surprising that hunting came in first place as the most popular local activity among most of the lifestyle segments… I mean with lush forests and plenty of hunting preserves… the deer practically live in our backyards.

Take a deeper look at the county lifestyle segments

What is the Tri-County Lake Anna area really like?

The three counties combined are the size of the state of Delaware, with plenty of on and off-lake properties for families and retired folks to spread their wings and make their dreams come true…

But lifestyle can be vastly different from on-season when Lake Anna has the most number of vacationing visitors, to off-season, and from living directly on or around the Lake to living as far as Fredericksburg, the town of Orange or even being closer to Charlottesville…

“Small town living, but with so much to do. A great mix of relaxation and activity.”

Jennifer Christian

Read more quotes from Lake Anna Residents…

Lake Anna offers a fair number of retired full-time residents, but the busy community also includes a large number of working families as well as secondary-home owners who come to vacation and use their property as a second income as a short-term rental. From working to playing and everything in between, here’s a snapshot of what is actually like to be a Lake Anna local:

Major Employers:

Dominion Energy, the largest employer in the area, has a nuclear power plant on Lake Anna. Other employers in the area include Walmart, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, and Amazon.

Although the tri-county region has big-time employers, it is also run by hundreds of local, small mom-and-pop shops and contractors who work from home for employers all over the world, not including self-employed consultants.

A few local employers include :

  1. LKA Helpers
  2. Mid Atlantic Water Sports
  3. Lake Anna Winery
  4. Anna Cabana Restaurant
  5. Christopher Run Campground
  6. among so many others…

Life in Spotsylvania:

For those who live in Spotsylvania County, the Lake Anna lifestyle means being able to enjoy the best of both worlds – country living with all the modern amenities close by. There are plenty of shopping and dining options in Fredericksburg, which is only a short drive away, but residents can also find everything they need right in Spotsylvania.

Spotsylvania is home to some great schools, like Germanna Community College, as well as parks and recreation areas for families to enjoy. And of course, there’s always something going on at Lake Anna – from fishing tournaments to live music and festivals.

Life in Louisa:

For those who live in Louisa County, the Lake Anna lifestyle means being able to balance work and play. Louisa offers a number of small businesses and contracting opportunities. Louisa County also has an amazing county recreational program with plenty of parks and educational opportunities for both adults and children, including pickle ball, martial arts and swimming.

Louisa is also home to some great outdoor recreation areas, including Shenandoah National Park and The Wilderness. With so many options for hiking, biking, fishing, and camping nearby, it’s easy to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds the lake.

Louisa is home to some great schools, like Louisa County High School, as well as parks and recreation areas for families to enjoy. And of course, there’s always something going on at Lake Anna – from fishing tournaments to live music and festivals.

Life in Orange:

For those who live in Orange County, the Lake Anna lifestyle means living near family-friendly communities where people can come together to socialize and support each other – whether they are enjoying local events or just stopping by their favorite local hangouts.

Orange is home to Lake of the Woods and Locust Grove, two popular neighborhoods in the area that offer plenty of activities for residents, including swimming, fishing, boating and more.

Whether you’re looking for an active retirement community or a place to raise your family, Lake Anna has everything you need for a wonderful quality of life.

With so many options for outdoor recreation near the lake, it’s easy to feel connected to nature and to the community, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to retire or want somewhere that offers the perfect balance of work and play.

Lake Anna Hangouts:

There are a few local favorites when it comes to grabbing a bite or drink including Tims at Lake Anna, The Cove Restaurant, The Taphouse and Vitos. These local hotspots offer great food, drinks and community activities for residents to enjoy all year long! Learn more about the local restaurants…

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to retire or somewhere that offers plenty of opportunities for an active lifestyle, there’s something for everyone in the tri-county region surrounding Lake Anna. With so many options for dining, shopping, recreation and more just a short drive away, it’s easy to live the good life here in this beautiful part of Virginia.

Outdoor Recreation:

Lake Anna is a popular destination for boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking. There are also several golf courses in the area including Fawn Lake Country Club and Royal Dominion Golf Club.

Weather at Lake Anna

The climate in Lake Anna is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. The area gets plenty of rain throughout the year, with the heaviest rainfall coming in June and July. Locals start and end their tourist season like most other Virginia tourist areas – from Memorial to Labor Day weekends, although the locals play in the Lake as early as April through October, and people fish all year long.

Shopping and Restaurants at Lake Anna

There are plenty of shopping and dining options in the area, whether you’re looking for a casual meal or want to find some unique gifts. The towns of Orange, Louisa and Mineral all offer a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.

When it comes to shopping, locals love to shop at the Lake Anna State Park Visitors Center, which offers a variety of local artisan goods, as well as a great selection of books about the history and wildlife of the area.

And of course, no trip to Lake Anna would be complete without stopping by one of the many local wineries or breweries in the area. The tri-county region is home to a number of award-winning wineries, including Barboursville Vineyards, Keswick Vineyards and Jefferson Vineyards.

There’s also a growing craft beer scene in the area, with several local breweries, including The Cooling Pond, The LKA Taphouse and Lake Anna Winery.

Major Shopping

There are multiple large shopping centers within a 30 or 40-minute drive, including Walmarts in Locust Grove, Spotsylvania County and Zions Crossroads, as well as full shopping centers in Central Park, Fredericksburg and Southpoint shops in Spotsylvania – not to mention the Fredericksburg mall is only 30-40 minutes away. In addition, there are Food Lions in Mineral, Orange and Louisa.

Events and Things to Do at Lake Anna

There’s always something going on in the Lake Anna area, whether it’s a farmers market, festival or community event.

Some of the annual events that locals love include the Lake Anna Wine Festival, the Lake Anna Brewfest, the Lake Anna Bluegrass and BBQ Festival and the Mineral Street Festival.

There’s also a variety of community events that take place throughout the year, including the Lake Anna Easter Egg Hunt, the Lake Anna 4th of July Celebration and the Lake Anna Christmas Boat Parade.

Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in the area, with multiple state parks, nature trails and golf courses to explore.

Places of Worship around Lake Anna

There are several dozen places of worship in the area to choose from, from Christian to Cataholic and Mormon churches – including First Baptist Church of Orange, Louisa United Methodist Church, Mineral Baptist Church, and Lake Anna Chapel.

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