Top 3 Lifestyle Segments in Louisa County

Louisa County borders I-64 between Lake Anna and Charlottesville.

  • 23093
  • 23117
  • 22942
  • 23024
  • 22974
  • 23102
  • 23065
  • 23170

#1 Mid-income Mainstream families with or without kids

Rural homeowners with high school diplomas, under the age of 55. These families have a variety of job types and employment levels. They may enjoy eating at Sonic, shopping at Shoe Carnival, hunting, and listening to country music.

Vehicle of choice: Ram

#2 Upscale boomers without Kids

Ages 55 and up, retired rural homeowners with masters or doctorate degrees. They may enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel, shopping at Pier 1 Imports, listening to CBS news, and using a satellite internet connection.

Vehicle of choice: Subaru

#3 Upscale families with or without kids

Ages 35-54, a large makeup of Louisa County are rural homeowners with college degrees who work in management or at professional levels. Some popular activities they enjoy are eating at Qdoba, shopping at Cabelas, hunting, using fantasy sports apps, and listening to mainstream radio.

Vehicle of choice: GMC or Ram

BONUS #4 (Tied in 3rd place) Midscale boomers without Kids

Ages 55 and up, rural homeowners with some college and mixed employment levels. They may enjoy eating at Hardee’s, shopping at Dillard’s, going hunting, and watching NASCAR.

Vehicle of choice: GMC

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Demographics and lifestyle data of each county zipcode were researched using tools from Claritas Pop-Facts® Demographics 2021

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