“A vacation every day,” Lake Anna residents describe what it’s like to live here.

Apart from the hustle and bustle of the short but exciting vacation season, Lake Anna really is a dream location. And while there are hundreds of short-term vacation rentals available around the lake, there are thousands more full-time residents. And that doesn’t include homes in the surrounding 2,000 square mile tri-counties of Spotsylvania, Orange, and Louisa.

“My little slice of paradise,” said full-time resident Kate Killham, who takes an active role in Lake Anna Roosters & Foxes social club, which involves some lake volunteering and socializing where anyone is welcome. “Summer swimming, awesome bonfires, friends, boating, kayaking, sunrises, bright stars not obscured by city lights. Plenty of family and friends visit to hang out at the lake.”

“True sense of community” at Lake Anna

But that’s not even the best part. According to full-time lakers, it’s the lake community that makes the biggest difference in the lives of people who live here. “True sense of community,” said Amy Heusser Stewart, and “Met some of the best people living here the lake puts everybody in a good mood,” according to Ryan Sullivan. Lake Anna’s Dale Wallace says, “I’d rather hang around with the lake people than the finest people in the world.”

In addition to the Roosters & Foxes, there are other regularly-attended gatherings of locals, like the women’s group called TACOS (Totally Awesome Chicks Out Socializing) which meets monthly. And don’t forget a little friendly game of Cornhole that goes on around the lake for anyone who’s up for the challenge.

LKA Activities all year long

The summer months aren’t the only time of year the lake offers live events, sports and activities. Just hear for yourself what some of the residents have to say about the boredom meeter:

“Full of adventure and lots of fun… so much activity. Never a boring moment.” – Jody Korman

“Living here is a huge blessing for us, great neighborhood, awesome community. And when possible, local businesses working hard. Summer is all hustle and bustle, winter is quiet and calm⚓️” – Mimi Karen

“No Red Lights!!! Relaxing and peaceful during the winter months – busy and exciting all summer long!” – Donna Smith

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Lake Anna is unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s filled with hard-working families and retired baby boomers who are looking to live their best life.

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